Erroll Garner

1921 - 1977

Erroll Garner

Erroll Garner was born in Pennsylvania and learnt the piano at the age of 3. In 1944 he reached New-York and began to play in trio, first as the Art Tatum substitute, and then with his own band. He also played a few time alongside with be-bop highlights, although he has never been part of this line of musicians who have truly change jazz conventions. In fact, Erroll Garner has always preserved his own style, characterized by the left hand playing chords on each time, and a very melodic right hand which was often a bit delayed from the beat. These two characteristics are the signature style of Erroll Garner which has been marked by a great versatility and different influences : stride piano, ballades, mambo, swing piano… He had a joyful and communicative playing, and was a very popular musician. His composition « Misty » is still one of the most played jazz standard.

Erroll Garner transcriptions

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