The transcriptions you have done are accurate and overall amazing

-- William P., Pianist, USA

Congratulations on your great work

-- David A., USA

Your books of transcriptions are the answer to my prayers! I find your transcriptions to be the most accurate I've come across.

-- Andrew C., USA

Your sense of earing and your ability to understand this music is just phenomenal

-- Daniel P., pianist, France

It's just fantastic! It sounds exactly like the recording. You have a rare and great talent for transcribing music!

-- Luigi R., Italy

Great job with these wonderful stride piano transcriptions.

-- Chris D., pianist, USA

With your transcriptions there are those moments of pure happiness felt by listening the original recordings

-- Pilippe G., France

Thanks for the transcription that I've been waiting 40 years!

-- Bernard C., France

Thank you so much for transcribing these great Jazz piano solos that would otherwise be lost and never available for us piano players. I have purchased every folio that you have published and have never been dissappointed. Keep up the good work...

-- Steve S., USA

I think your transcriptions are fantastic and very accurate. These are the third set i have bought

-- Jon W., U.K

Many thanks, this is great work you're doing!! It's great that you are making these arrangements accessible

-- Shoshana M., USA

I'm a great fan of yours, you write excellent transcriptions!

-- Eldad S., Israël

Thank you again for making your wonderfully accurate transcriptions!

-- Dave J., USA

The extraordinary side of your work is that it's perfect!

-- Mike S., Switzerland

Keep up the great work!

-- Ari K., USA

You are doing an amazing job keeping all this fantastic music alive

-- Nicholas C. U-K

Thank you for making your wonderful transcriptions! I get enjoyment from practicing them every day

-- Dave J., USA

I am very impressed with your ability to transcribe these wonderful but exclusive pieces

-- Thomas M., USA

I am really very happy because of Your transcriptions

-- Norbert W., Austria

Your transcriptions are wonderful! Very much appreciated.

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Thanks once again for your great transcriptions! They are a real treasure.

-- Chris S., USA